The lens in your spectacles is arguably the most important part!  Modern lens technologies improve the visual experience beyond what any mass-produced or low cost product can offer.

We source our highest quality lenses from Zeiss Australia (in Adelaide), and we also use an Australian lab called 'CRSurfacing' in Melbourne.  Even our 'low cost' glasses include modern lens technologies, as it would be irresponsible to dispense anything less.

What are the different types of lenses?

Single vision lenses have a single-focus power throughout the lens.  They can be described as 'stock' lenses for lower prescriptions, or they can be made to order ('grind' lenses) with enhanced optics and less lens thickness.

Desk lenses are a wonderfully versatile lens worn mostly by adults over forty.  They extend your range of focus from reading distance to computer, office or room distances.  These can also be known as 'anti-fatigue lenses' or 'enhanced readers'.

Enhanced focus lenses are similar to desk lenses, but are used for children and young adults in classroom or office settings.

Bifocal lenses have two focus powers, separated by a line on the lens. The upper area provides correction for general and distance vision while the lower area adds extra focusing strength for reading and close focus.

Multifocal lenses are the modern version of bifocals. The lens gradually changes in focus from distance through to close focus without any line.  Multifocal lenses are also known as 'graduated' or 'progressive' lenses.

When you order your glasses with us, you will always be offered the latest digitally-based lens designs for superior optics.  Our highly trained staff will evaluate your visual needs and prescribe the optimal lens design for your individual circumstances.

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