Coronavirus Update 20/3/2020

Well here we are in the midst of a very strange and new time.  We hope all of our loyal patients and their families are keeping well and coping with the uncertainty attached to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Kirily and Mark are spending long hours trawling the Department of Health guidelines, along with scientific papers and multiple advice channels to ensure we are well prepared in the practice.

Priority 1: The health and wellbeing of you, our team and the broader community.

We are continuing our routine and emergency eye care appointments, with the following precautions:

- Any patients, visitors to the practice or team members need to feel well, not have travelled overseas in the last few weeks and not have been in contact with anyone already diagnosed with COVID-19.  We check our own temperatures every day before starting work.

- If you do fall into these categories but need to collect your eyewear, have glasses repaired, or need advice about your vision, call ahead and we will make arrangements to help you from a safe distance!

- We smell of alcohol from wiping anything and everything down every time it's touched.  We also have no skin cells left on our hands from all the washing!  But seriously, we are approaching our disinfection responsibilities with great diligence.  Hand sanitiser is provided throughout the practice for your use.

- We are providing 'social distancing' waiting chairs for our elderly, pregnant or immunocompromised patients (otherwise known as the naughty corner).  Please help us by limiting how many people come in to the practice when you visit, or choosing to wait outside.

- You might like to bring your own reading material, as our toys / books / magazines are all safely in quarantine.


Priority 2: Staying in business!

We are careful business owners by nature and have sound plans in place to manage through the coming months.  We will be contactable on ph. 5443 1815 throughout the pandemic, and we will still be here when it is all over.  Our sincere hope and intention at this point in time is to remain open, with any shutdown coming only at the direction of the Health Department or after a direct exposure to COVID-19 within the practice.  Please watch our website blogs and Facebook page for updates.

Kirily & Mark