Children's Eye Test

Eye tests are a fun and exciting adventure for kids. Our optometrists have a great rapport with children, employing a unique testing style that is engaging and interactive.

Wills Street Eyecare recommends routine testing before children start school, and periodic reviews throughout primary and high school years.  For children with possible eye problems, or with a family history of eye conditions, testing can begin as early as six months of age.

What happens during the test?

  • We perform an in-depth range of tests to assess their vision and eye health
  • The ability of your child's eyes to focus and work together will be explored

What if my child is nervous or has special needs?

Your child will have more fun than they expect!  Even if they are shy or too young to give responses to our questions, we can still observe and measure the information needed.

You are encouraged to bring your child with special needs, as their vision is so important for sensory input and learning.

And if my child needs glasses?

You'll be spoilt for choice in our purpose built area of children's frames.  There are a wide range of gorgeous frames suitable for babies (including Miraflex and Tomato Glasses), children and teens.

Your child's lenses are designed to suit their specific eye condition, so ordering from us is the best way to ensure their accuracy.

Some children will benefit from contact lenses, or a comprehensive program of eye exercises.

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What is myopia control?

Children with myopia (short-sightedness) need special attention from an early age.  There is new and rapidly changing research that informs our treatment of myopia, in an effort to delay onset and limit progression.

Excellent information is provided on the following website, written by an Australian optometry colleague: