The frames you purchase from Wills Street Eyecare have been sourced independently from private suppliers around the world.  Each and every frame has been hand selected for you based on its style, strength and suitability for prescription lenses.  With complete control over our frame range, we are free to source exactly what you are looking for and have new frames arriving every week.

Your spectacle frames are a major fashion statement, with some of the world's most renowned fashion houses creating signature ranges.  Frame quality is just as important though, with the frame materials and workmanship setting our frames apart.

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What if I can't see to try on frames?

It's tricky to choose the right frames when you can't see clearly, so we're happy to take photos for you on an iPad or smartphone.  You could even wear a complimentary pair of contact lenses while selecting your frames (we'll put them in and out for you!).

***Extra Pair Offer***

You will receive $100 off a second set of complete prescription glasses purchased within three months of your initial order!! Do you need prescription sunnies as well?  Or a spare set of readers? Even swimming goggles or safety glasses are included in this deal (note that a 'complete set of glasses' includes new frames and prescription lenses).