Take the Pledge!

This World Sight Day, take the pledge to love your eyes.

With World Sight Day today, October 14th, it is the perfect time for Victorians to take the pledge to love their eyes - even in the midst of a global pandemic.

According to Vision Initiative Program Manager Che Stockley, even as restrictions have limited accessibility of eye care for much of the year, there are still a number of actions people can take to safeguard their vision.

"We are calling on Victorians to show their eyes some love by pledging to get an eye test just as soon as they're able to," she said.

The Vision Initiative is an integrated eye health promotion program funded by the Victorian Government.  It aims to prevent avoidable blindness and address the impact of vision loss in the Victorian community.

Victorians are fortunate to have access to some of the best eye care services in the world, so around 90% of vision loss is avoidable or treatable, if it's identified early.  Eye tests can be arranged directly with an optometrist without the need for a referral and usually attract a Medicare rebate.

Key tips for looking after your eye health:

- Make sure you have a regular eye check, especially if you are over 40

- Wear a hat and sunglasses when outside

- Wear eye protection when playing sports like squash, or performing hazardous work

- Quit smoking

- Maintain a healthy diet with regular exercise

- Manage your diabetes (blood glucose, blood pressure and cholesterol levels)

Please visit www.visioninitiative.org.au for more information.