Lens Coatings

Lens coatings can improve the look of your lenses, provide better clarity of vision and improve the toughness of your lenses.

They are available in two types:

Anti-scratch coatings

Also known as hardcoats, anti-scratch coatings are a quartz-based coating which is applied to the surface of plastic and polycarbonate lenses to provide scratch- resistance. They are also available in a double-layered version, providing added protection for those working in demanding environments.

Wills Street Eyecare provides anti-scratch coatings as standard, to the front and back surface of all lenses we provide. You should be wary of cheaper lenses, because in many cases they have no (or limited) anti-scratch coating.

Anti-reflection coatings

Also known as multicoats, anti-reflection coatings remove all surface reflections from the lens, providing several distinct advantages:

1) Cosmetic
No reflection means that your lenses appear “invisible”, and people are always able to clearly see your eyes. It also means that your appearance in photos is not ruined by reflections from your glasses.

2) Improved vision
No reflection means that you have sharper vision and less visual fatigue for high contrast tasks such as using computer screens. It also means superior vision for night driving.

3) 100% UV protection
Anti-reflection coatings block UV rays. All of our lenses with anti-reflection coating include back surface UV protection as standard, preventing radiation reflecting off the back of the lens into your eyes.

4) Visual fatigue prevention
Studies have shown that the blue wavelength light emitted from computer screens can cause visual fatigue and stress. We have specific anti-reflection coats that block this light, for people who spend a lot of time using computers.

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