Contact Lens Eye Test

First time contact lens wearers

Your first fitting for contact lenses can be a nervous and exciting moment. Our experienced optometrists have assisted thousands of people through their first fittings, and will make the process as relaxed and comfortable as possible.

You will benefit from a comprehensive fitting process to ensure you have the best lenses for your individual needs.

Who can wear contact lenses?

Nearly anyone!  There is no age requirement or limit for contact lens wear.  The important factors are your vision requirements and your willingness to wear them.

Contact lenses can help with many eye conditions, including long-sightedness, short-sightedness, astigmatism, and to assist with close work or reading in adults.

Our optometrists have also gained accreditation to prescribe contact lenses specifically for myopia control in children and teenagers.

Please ask in your next examination what your contact lens options could be!

Present contact lens wearers

If you already wear contact lenses, regular assessment of your eyes and your lenses is strongly advised.  Six monthly or annual reviews will ensure your contact lenses are helping you see to your best potential in a safe and comfortable way.  Please wear your contact lenses to each appointment, but bring along your contact lens case and your glasses, so that we can take them out during the assessment.

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