Coronavirus Update 12/5/20

Things are looking good!

Whilst Victoria remains on instruction to 'stay at home', the levels of COVID19 disease in our region have been very low and we are cautiously proceeding to increase our level of care.

You are allowed to leave home to receive healthcare, including optometry, so we are now rescheduling the appointments we cancelled during April.  If you had an appointment cancelled, we will be calling you to make a new appointment in the coming weeks.  Please be patient as we work through our lists to catch up!

For some time, it will be necessary to limit the number of people in the practice in order to observe physical distancing requirements.  Please come alone to your appointment, or with just one carer as needed.  We are working on a reduced appointment schedule to give everyone plenty of space and time.

If you have any cold or flu symptoms, please don't come to the practice!  Likewise any returned travellers, people who have been in contact with a confirmed COVID19 patient, or those who have been tested and awaiting results, must stay at home.  Please call us if you need advice.

We're so pleased to be gradually and cautiously moving forward and thank you all for your patience and ongoing support.